Creative Learning

As part of its Creative Learning Programme Michael Clark Company offers the following workshops led by experienced company dancers.

They can be run in schools/ colleges/ dance agencies or alongside performances at venues both in London and on tour.

Technique Class

This 2-hour workshop offers young dancers an opportunity to experience a professional level class and gain a basic introduction to some of the technical aspects required by Michael Clark's choreography. The class includes some elements of Michael Clark Company rep in particular choreography from Michael Clark's most recent theatrical production "come, been and gone". This workshop is aimed at young professional dancers or those in training with strong classical and/or contemporary technique, and can be taught for ages 14 and above.

Creative Workshop

This workshop can be run as a 1, 3 or 5-day project. As well as learning more about the techniques used in Michael Clark's choreography participants will learn more of MCC rep and work creatively with the material in a way that mirrors the studio practice of MCC dancers. This workshop is also designed for participants with strong previous dance experience, and can be taught for ages 14 and above.

If you would like any more details, including costs and how to book please contact Kate Coyne at or call 020 7382 7170.

In addition to the above workshops Michael Clark Company has undertaken several projects teaching non-professionals. We are happy to discuss other proposals for creative learning, working with a wide range of audiences.


Creative Learning